Owen Conlan

Owen´s primary research is in investigating the practical application of learning theory to Adaptive Hypermedia Systems (AHS) towards the production of pedagogically sound personalised learning experiences. His research interests also include strategies for adaptation, visualisation of adaptation and applying adaptive techniques to the area of ubiquitous computing. His main research topics are the adaptive runtime assembly of learning concepts and content based on learner preferences and the adaptive rendering of content based on the context in which the learning occurs.

Hugh Denard

Hugh joins TCD from King’s College London, although he has had a long relationship with Trinity College Dublin, reading an undergraduate degree in Drama and Classical Civilisations at the University, and returning to the TCD School of English to teach for 1 year following his doctoral degree.   Within King’s College London he held the post of Associate Director of the King’s Visualisations Lab.

Jennifer Edmond

Dr. Jennifer Edmond is Director of Strategic Projects, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Trinity College Dublin.  Although trained as a conventional scholar of German Literature, Jennifer Edmond has been gradually shifting her research focus to the area of Digital Humanities since 2000.  In particular, she is interested in the ‘conditions of possibility’ for digital scholarship, including infrastructure, collaboration and socio-cultural issues.

Séamus Lawless

Séamus is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science and Statistics. His research interests are in the areas of information retrieval, information management and digital humanities with a particular focus on adaptivity and personalisation. The common focus of this research is Digital Content Management and the Application of Technology to Support Enhanced, Personalised Access to Knowledge. Séamus is a Principle Investigator in the SFI-funded CNGL project and is a senior researcher in the EU FP7 CULTURA project.

Elaine Ui Dhonnchadha

Elaine delivers the Corpus Linguistics module and is based in the Centre for Language and Communication Studies in Trinity College Dublin.  Her research focuses primarily on Irish Language.


Brenda Silver

Brenda Silver is Mary Brinsmead Wheelock Professor Emerita at Dartmouth College and Adjunct Professor in the School of English at Trinity College Dublin.  Her fields include modernist and postmodernist fiction, digital fictions, popular culture/cultural studies, and cyberculture. Her publications include Virginia Woolf Icon, Rape and Representation, and essays on hypertext, mailing lists and community, fan fiction, and “Popular Fiction in the Digital Age.”  Her Cyberculture/Popular Culture course at Trinity is located in the School of English Popular Literature MPhil and cross-listed with Digital Humanities.  She also teaches an undergraduate course on Postmodern Fiction.

Glenn Strong

Glenn Strong is a lecturer within the Department of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, and is a member of the Foundations and Methods research group.


Carl Vogel

Prof. Carl Vogel is a lecturer in the Dept. Of Computer Science and Statistics, researching primarily in Computational Linguistics and Language Evolution.  He was awarded as Fellow of Trinity College Dublin in 2002.