Letters of 1916 celebrates its first birthday!


On 27 September 2014 Letters of 1916 celebrated its first birthday. Since its launch the project has grown rapidly. Our 1,000th letter went public in July 2014 and there are currently almost 1,500 letters available to transcribe in the transcription desk.  In collecting letters we have collaborated with thirteen cultural institutions, libraries and archives and plans are currently underway to connect with further institutions across Ireland and in the UK, the US and Canada. Twenty seven families have also kindly donated letters from their private collections, and we are also partnering with the Dictionary of Irish Biography. The letters cover milestone events like the Easter Rising and the Great War, important figures like British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith and revolutionary Patrick Pearse, politics, art, literature and religion. They also cover everyday life in cities and towns and in the countryside, and regular people living ordinary lives in the midst of war, rebellion and political upheaval.