Call for Volunteers: Augmented Reality User Testing (Jonathan Swift) in the Long Room

Néill O’Dwyer and Emin Zerman of V-Sense are conducting a subjective quality assessment experiment to gather user feedback on an Augmented Reality application designed for the Long Room. Volunteer link below:
Due to the steady flow of tourists during working hours, the experiments will take place at the following times in the Long Room in the Old Library:
* 17.00 – 19.15, Tuesday, 30th April
* 17.00 – 19.15, Wednesday, 1st May
Volunteers will engage with two prototype versions of the same application: one version on the iPad, and another using a Microsoft HoloLens (pictured above), an AR head-mounted display (HMD).
If you have any questions about this study (or the scheduling of the above sessions), please don’t hesitate to contact Néill ( or Emin (