DH@TCD Steering Committee Appoints Two New Postgraduate Student Representatives

The DH@TCD Steering Committee is delighted to announce the appointment of not one but two new DH@TCD Postgraduate Student Representatives.

Louise Nash is an M.Phil. student in relaunch Digital Humanities and Culture at Trinity College Dublin. She works in the School for Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies and the School of Computer Science and Statistics. Her research focuses on utilising Digital Humanities skills and methodologies as an interdisciplinary teaching tool and as a means to shape public policy. She is a two-time delegate to the HEYTA Conference and member of the China-UK Alliance for the Humanities in Higher Education. Her article ‘Investigating the Applications of Digital Humanities for Disadvantaged Students’ was delivered in Beijing in 2019 as part of the ‘Cooperation and Contribution’ discussion series.


Cydney Thompson is a first year PhD student in History and Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on digitised content from Cultural Heritage Institutions and how they are used and reused in contemporary digital culture and utilizes both Public History and Digital Humanities practices. As DH@TCD POstgraduate research representative, Cydney hopes to facilitate conversations and build connections across departments to highlight the wide scope of applications for Digital Humanities methodologies.


We look forward to working with both Louise and Cydney to promote engagement with DH@TCD in the wider TCD community and beyond.