Funding Success for DH@TCD

The Trinity College Dublin Centre for Digital Humanities has been awarded research funding of €12,363 as part of the UK-Ireland Collaboration in Digital Humanities Networking Programme, for their role in the project “UK-EI Digital Humanities Association: a network for research capacity enhancement”. The programme is collaboratively funded by the Irish Research Council and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK) and the project has received a total funding of over €35,000.

The main aim of this network is to establish the pathway for the creation of a permanent Digital Humanities (DH) association across Ireland and the UK, aiming to serve a variety of stakeholders and communities. Bringing together a diverse range of DH research groups, institutions and practitioners from Ireland and the UK (both within and outside the Higher Education sector), the network will build consensus around five key concepts that are crucial to advancing the field: sustainability, inclusivity, training, advocacy and career progression. In doing so, the network will create the foundation for the UK-EI DH Association and develop a clear roadmap for collaboration between the two countries.

The initiative is led by the TCD Centre for Digital Humanities (PI Dr Michelle Doran), the School of Advanced Study, University of London (PI Prof Jane Winters) and University of Exeter Digital Humanities Lab (Co-I Dr Charlotte Tupmann) in collaboration with partners in Lancaster University, King’s College London, National University of Ireland Galway, University College Cork and University of Glasgow.