POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19: Interdisciplinary Critical Feminist Digital Scholarship: Topics and Tools

Wednesday 6th May 2020 | 13:00-16:00

Galbraith Seminar Room

This workshop will explore how Digital Humanities (DH) and selected perspectives of Feminist Science and Technology Studies (FSTS) can be brought into a productive relationship. This entails to discuss the need as well as the availability of critical analytical tools adjusted to processes of a digitalization, datafication and algorithmization of humanities. Arguing that the latter cannot be reduced to the claim that digital scholarship is paradigmatic for the neoliberal, entrepreneurial university with its instrumentalist forms of education, the workshop will highlight the chances of what David Berry calls „digital intellect“ (2011).

The goal of the workshop is to bring together concepts of critical DH, informed by FSTS, in order to develop an account of digital humanities as positioned between technology and culture, and therefore an ideal field of reflecting on how recent computer cultures are impacting not only societies, economies and politics, but also knowledge production and practices of knowing. At the core of the position of a digital intellect then is to raise questions such as: How to re-think both knowledge cultures and the knower of digital humanities in terms of a network of distributed cognition based on large sets of data and the use of code? And: How to become accountable for processes of in- and exclusion as well as the (re-)production of stereotypes and bias, that are, existing power relations through developing and engaging in certain networks of distributed cognition and data practices over others? The workshop will enable participants to develop a set of reflective tools geared towards individual research projects.

Further details and registration available here.