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Jennifer Edmond in from of one of the 'Tag You're It!' wayfinders
Jennifer Edmond in from of one of the ‘Tag You’re It!’ wayfinders

In 2013, the Digital Humanities team in the Long Room Hub led a successful application to the European Commission Marie Curie Researcher Night programme to host a one night festival of research and researchers for the people of Dublin. Over 7,000 people came in to the walls of Trinity that night to experience a wide range of presentations, demonstrations and interactive experiences. Although not limited to DH, there was a strong representation of the TCD digital humanities projects and people there on the night, including the cornerstone eCloud exhibit in the Exam Hall, Cultura’s “Explore your cultural heritage,” a live 3-D archaeological scanning demo, and the crowd-sourced open experiment on what cultural heritage means to us, “Tag, You’re It!”