‘SIRI’ Performance, 13 May (7.30-9pm) Samuel Beckett Theatre

A production by La Messe Basse as part of the Trinity Long Room Hub ‘What does it Mean to Be Human in the 21st Century?’ series.

‘Siri explores theatrical convention’ – Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph

‘Siri is a thought-provoking exploration of the silent partners we all carry in our pocket.’ – Broadway Baby, UK

‘There is a mesmerizing dual-narrative created between Dauphinais’ relationship with Siri and her genetic background.’ – The Panoptic

‘Carbonneau’s and Dauphinais’ approach is brilliant, and questions what part chance, forges our identity. After all, humans, may be, just machines like the any other.’ – Luc Boulanger, Cahier Arts, La Presse

‘It’s about you, not me’ – Siri

An actress on stage, her iPhone as her only partner.

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