TCD hosts first Europeana Cloud Expert Forum

eCloud Expert ForumOn 18th June 2013, TCD hosted the first Expert Forum associated with the Europeana Cloud project (eCloud), drawing together leading academics from across Europe who regularly work with digital data.  The forum was tasked with creating case studies that identified the typical users of the Europeana resources, and could show how an enriched Europeana could assist these users.

TCD is represented in the eCloud project by Prof. Susan Schreibman and Vicky Garnett.  The eCloud Project began on 1st February 2013, and is to run for 3 years until January 2016.  TCD is one of 33 partner institutions from across Europe.

Academics at the Forum were from disciplines as diverse as Archaeology, History, Sociology, Spatial Awareness and Computer Science.  Forum results will inform the continuing development of Europeana.  The next Expert Forum is scheduled to take place in Sweden in October.