Terry Pratchett and the Unseen University

Date: 21st September 2018
Time: 19:00-22:30
Venue: Trinity Long Room Hub

This event for Culture Night 2018 celebrates Trinity College Dublin’s special relationship with fantasy author, Terry Pratchett.  Library cataloguers will illustrate the evolution of Pratchett’s work; Trinity Centre for Literary and Cultural translation will look at how Pratchett’s quirky sense of humour went global; scholars from Children’s Literature will delve into Pratchett’s writing for young readers; partners from Trinity Centre for Digital Humanities will explore Pratchett’s work with technology; and, recalling Pratchett’s life with Alzheimer’s disease, researchers from Trinity Brain Health and the Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland will myth-bust dementia and explain how “it is possible to live well with dementia and write best-sellers like wot I do”.