‘Thinking Digitally and Culturally’ Trinity Elective

We use technology every day.  But our thrill at seeing science fiction ideas – like 24-7 information access and self-driving cars – become reality is offset by concerns about phenomena like filter bubbles, privacy breaches, and fake news.

The relationships and tensions between the cultural elements of our lives, like our languages, values and creative practices, and the technological innovations that are now both driving and disrupting them are hard to untangle.  To do so requires you not only to be able to understand both technology and culture, but to be able to think both like a humanist and like an engineer.

In this Trinity Elective you will learn how to apply an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the world, one based in an approach known as the digital humanities, which spans the gap between fields focussed on culture and those on technology.

Further information and registration details are available here.