TRAIRC one-day symposium “What can ‘the digital’ do for architecture + its history, in Ireland?”

23rd January 2015
Trinity Long Room Hub

Triarc image 23rd Jan 2015This day-long symposium brings together researchers and practitioners in the fields of architectural history, education and technology, folklore, architectural practice, archives, visualisation and multimedia, heritage studies and cultural tourism.

The rationale for the event comes out of the need to disseminate new research into and knowledge of Ireland’s twentieth-century architecture. The event – itself a question – sets out to understand what digital platforms can help in this dissemination process. It is underpinned by the need to engage people and to tell the stories of how and why Ireland’s recent buildings were constructed and designed.

There is a baseline of public interest and curiosity; there is a wealth of unexamined archives; there are hundreds of buildings to understand; there is a mountain of unheard oral histories; there are thousands of local school children to guide; there are new technologies to exploit…

This event is free, but registration is essential.  To register, visit:

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