Further Reading

This section provides an entry point to the vast amount of further information available on the Easter Rising, the First World War and Irish social and cultural history whether as printed material or online.

The Easter Rising
The 1916 Rising: Personalities and Perspectives, The National Library of Ireland.
Easter 1916, Griffith College, Dublin.
The Irish Story Easter Rising Archive

Books, Articles and CDs
Coffey, Thomas M., Agony at Easter: The 1916 Irish Uprising (1969).
Collins, Lorcan and Conor Kostick, The Easter Rising – A Guide to Dublin in 1916.
De Rosa, Peter, Rebels, the Irish Rising of 1916.
The Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook (Irish Times, 1917)
Foy, Michael T. and Brian Barton, The Easter Rising (2011)
O’Farrell , Mick, A Walk Through Rebel Dublin 1916 (2010)
Townshend, Charles, Easter 1916: The Irish Rebellion (2006).
Ward, Alan J., The Easter Rising: Revolution and Irish Nationalism (2003).
Warwick-Haller, Adrian and Sally, Letters from Dublin, Easter 1916: Alfred Fannin’s Diary of the Rising.

The First World War
First World War Centenary. Imperial War Museum.
Great War Archive. The University of Oxford.
The World War One Document Archive.
Trenches on the Web.
The Great War (UK National Archives)
World War I (BBC)
World War I Research
The Great War Forum

Eastern Front
The Story of the Salonika Army
How the Irish fought in Serbia (New York Times)
‘It’s a Long Way To Salonika,’  Alice McDermott & Mark Power, History Ireland
The Long Long Trail – Salonika
Salonika Battlefield Tour

Ireland and the First World War
6th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Ireland and the Great War 1914-1918
Dublin Casualties of WWI
Clare Museum First World War Collection
Ireland remembers its World War 1 Soldiers at Dublin Museum BBC News (March 23, 2012)

First World War diaries
The Diary of Private H. E. Broun
Wartime Diary Reveals Mum’s heartache over lost soldier (Irish Independent March 16, 2012)

Bowman, Timothy , The Irish Regiments in the Great War: Discipline and Morale
Burnell, Tom, The Clare War Dead
Cooper, Bryan, The Tenth (Irish) Division in Gallipoli (Dublin, 1993).
Denman, Terence, Ireland’s Unknown Soldiers: The 16th (Irish) Division in the Great War
Dungan, Miles, They Shall Not Grow Old: Irish Soldiers and the Great War
Falls, C., Official History of Military Operations in Macedonia, Vol. 1 (London, 1933).
Fitzpatrick, David Ireland and the First World War
Gregory, Adrian and Senia Paseta, Ireland and the Great War: “A War to Unite Us All?”
Hall, Donal, The Unreturned Army: County Louth Dead in the Great War 1914-1918
Horne, John, Our War: Ireland and the Great War (2008)
Johnson, Nuala C.,  Ireland, the Great War and the Geography of Remembrance
Johnstone, T., Orange, Green and Khaki – The Story of the Irish Regiments in the Great War 1914-1918 (Dublin, 1992).
Mazower,M., Salonica, city of ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews (London, 2004).
Murphy, David, Irish Regiments in the World Wars
Richardson, Neil, A Coward If I Return, a Hero If I Fall: Stories of Irish Soldiers in World War I
Wakefield, Alan and Simon Moody, Under the Devil’s Eye. Britain’s Forgotten Army at Salonika 1915-1918 (Stroud, 2004).

Family History
Mother Mary (daughter of Mary Martin)

Social and Cultural History
The Hippodrome Theatre

Graham, Dom Lucius, Downside and the War 1914-1919.

Local History: Monkstown & Dublin
History of Monkstown Parish

Burns, P.F. , S.E. Blake and C. O’Toole, Monkstown : a concise history.
O’Rafferty, Tomás, The Seapoint and Salthill story, Monkstown.