The Moore Family

This section provides some background on the Moores of Ashton, Charlie Martin’s relatives on his mother’s side, many of whom are mentioned in Mary Martin’s diary. It is based on research conducted by Rachel Murphy, part of the diary project team.  Thanks also to Patrick Waldon who subsequently shared his research on the family.

Mary Martin
Source: MMM Archive

Charlie’s mother, Mary Moore, was born at Ashton House on 21 June 1868 to Andrew Thomas Moore and Anna Mary Levins (also known as Anne and Nannie). 1  Ashton House is located in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Mary married Thomas Patrick Martin, son of Thomas Martin and Mary Cogan, on 16 April 1890 at the Roman Catholic Church of St. Andrew, Dublin.  Mary was residing at the family home, Ashton, at the time while Thomas was living at Carysfort.


Mary is thought to be one of thirteen children (eleven girls and two boys).  Information about her siblings was found using the civil birth and marriage records at the General Register Office, and the Blanchardstown Roman Catholic parish records which are held in the National Library of Ireland.  The parish registers have been microfilmed, and in some cases are very difficult to read.  All of the children were given their mother’s surname, Levins, as a middle name, and most of the girls have Mary as a middle name.

1.  Catherine Mary Levins Moore (Kathleen)
Catherine, also known as Kathleen, was born on 16 January 1867 and baptised on 18 January 1867 at St. Brigid’s Church, Blanchardstown.  Her sponsors were James Moore McCabe and Catherine Levins. 2

Catherine married John Leonard [Jack] on 12 September 1894 at St. Brigid’s Church, Blanchardstown.  Catherine’s father had already died by this time. The witnesses were Hugh Cullen (per John Leonard) and Lilian Levins Moore.  On the certificate, Catherine signed her name Catherine, but it has subsequently been amended to read ‘Kathleen’. 3  Jack, who was born in 1866 4, was a gentleman from Kincora, Clontarf and the son of John Leonard, a merchant.

Catherine and John are mentioned in the 1911 census along with their children Thomas, John and Maura Leonard.

2. Mary Aloysius Levins Moore
Mary was born on 21 June 1868 and baptised on 25 June 1869. 5  Her sponsors were John Levins and Mary Anne McCabe.  She is the mother of Charlie Moore and author of the diary.

3. Susan Mary Levins Moore
Susan was born on 14 September 1869, and baptised on 16 September 1869.  Her sponsors were Matthew Henry Chamberlain and Rose Anne Levins. 6

4. Thomas Moore
Thomas was born ca. 1871, however to date his birth record has not been located. He married Florence Smithwick on June 5th 1906 at the church of St. Francis Xavier in North Dublin. Florence was the daughter of Daniel O’Connell Smithwick of the Kilkenny brewing dynasty, who was named after his godfather, Daniel O’Connell, the Liberator. The marriage was witnessed by George Smithwick and Louisa May Smithwick. 7

By the time of the 1911 census Thomas and Florence were living at Ashton, the Moore family home.

5. Anna Mary Levins Moore
Anna was born on 18 November 1872, and baptised on 21 November 1872.  Her sponsors were Thomas Synnott and Margaret Levins. 8

6. Lilen / Lilea? [Probably Lilian, known as Lily] Mary Levins Moore
She was born and baptised in 1875.  Her sponsors were John Patrick McArdle & Rosie Levins. 9  Her father, Andrew Thomas Moore, was part-owner of the MacArdle-Moore Brewery, so there may be a connection between John Patrick McArdle and the brewery. 10

7. Evelyn Mary Levins Moore
Evelyn was born on 27 October 1876, and baptised on 1 November 1876.  Her sponsors were Thomas Joseph Moore and Jane Levins. 11

8. Florence Mary Levins Moore
Probably known as Florrie, she was born on 31 January 1878 and baptised on 3 February 1878.  Her sponsors were Mary Tyrrell and James Tyrrell. 12.  She married Thomas Tyrrell. 13

9. Jane Madelane [sic] Mary Moore
Jane was born on 23 November 1880 and baptised the same day.  Her sponsors were Ambrose Plunkett and Cathleen Moore. 14  It is possible that this is the sister that Mary refers to as Jennie/Janie.

10. Eileen Moore (Aileen)
Eileen was born on 28 June 1881 at Ashton. 15  Mary refers to her in the diary as being in the Convent in Kilkenny in 1916. This was a school for small boys aged up to 10 years who were then sent on to industrial schools such as Artane and Carriglea etc. (see diary entry for Sunday 5 March 1916).

11. John Levins Moore
He was born on 4 January 1883. 16

12. Rita Levins Moore
Rita was born ca. 1885. 17 She married John O’Conor Donelan (born in Co. Galway ca. 1867, the son of Thomas Donelan.  The wedding took place in the Church of St. Paul’s, Arran Quay on 12th January 1910. The witnesses were Jennie A. Moore and Thomas O’C. Donelan. 18 Rita and John are recorded in the 1911 census.

13. Nora Mary Josephine Levins Moore
It is possible that Nora 19 was also one of Mary’s sisters, though she was born at 74 Baggot Street Lower, not Ashton as would be expected  – though it was a wealthy area of Dublin.  However, she has also been given Mary and Levins as middle names which was typical of this family.  She was baptised in 1887 at St. Andrew’s RC Church, and her parents’ names have been transcribed as Andrew J. Moore and Anne Levins.  The witnesses were Nora Moore and Thomas Callan. Further research is necessary to establish whether she is a family member.

Mary’s parents, Andrew Thomas Moore and Ann Levin, were married on 16th January 1866 in the Roman Catholic Chapel of Dysart, Termafeckin.  Ann was the daughter of John Levin, a farmer, and resided at Clonmore.  Andrew is described as a merchant, the son of Thomas Moore also a merchant. The witnesses were James Read and Kate Levin. 20  Note that Ann is variously referred to as Anne, Anna or Nannie in the records.

Ann’s family – the Levins of Clonmore, Co. Louth
Griffith’s Valuation was a survey of land ownership and the pamphlet covering this area was published in 1854.  It shows that Mary’s father, John Levin,  was a farmer at Clonmore, and that he occupied and sub-let a significant amount of land (almost 300 acres) in this parish from the landlord, Sir John S. Robinson Bt of Rokeby Hall,  Co. Louth. 21

Andrew Thomas Moore’s parents22
Andrew Thomas Moore was born in 1821.  He went on to become an alderman of Merchant’s Quay ward, Dublin and a J.P.  His colleagues in the Dublin Corporation described him as ‘a distiguished citizen’, an ’eminent merchant’ and ‘upright, patriotic and independent’. 23  When he died on 13 May 1887, he was living at Lower Baggot Street, Dublin.  According to his obituary he was buried on 16 May 1887 in Donore, Drogheda, the family burial ground. 24   His father, Thomas Moore was a merchant, born in 1790 and his mother was Catherine Lewis who died in 1858.25

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