Monday, 20 March, 1916

Nothing of importance except
commitee meeting at Temple Hill
we were very dismayed to find the
finances ebbing away very quietely [sic: quietly]
so economy is to be the rule in all
departments — all right so long as
the staff do not mutiny.
A letter to—night from Thomas written
from Shepheards Hotel Cairo he &
Mr Beard of Royal Irish Regiment
had got up there for two days. he
had been to see the Pyramids &
found them up to expectations. You
& he can compare notes.
Great accounts of a big Allied Air
Raid on Zeebrugge. 50 aeroplanes
took part & all got back safely
It is to be hoped they left their "trade
mark' This is supposed to be a reprisal
for a Raid on Kent 1yesterday.
The battle of Verdun is entering its 2nd
month & the Germans have not
nearly reached their objective the French
are getting more confident every day.

Editorial Notes

1This refers to a hit and run raid on 19 March in which German floatplanes bombed Dover, Deal, Ramsgate and Margate. 14 people were killed and 26 injured.