Monday, 24 April, 1916

Ethel & Violet start off to go with
Aunt Rita to Fairy house & have a
very pleasant day till they got
back to town here they discovered to
their cost there was a Sinn Fein
Rising & Dublin was in a state of
siege no trams or trains running
the streets & bridges barricaded.
The G.P.O, Westland Row Station
Four Courts etc in occupation of
the Rebels. The furniture of these
places being thrown out on the street.
They were held up a[t] several points
& would not be allowed to approach
St Dymphnas in the motor. As
Jack Donelan undertook to drive
the girls home Rita had to brave a
barricade & walk home. They got
here without much further adventure
but Jack did not know how he was
going to get back with the car to St
, as a lot of people had to
give up their cars & find their way
on foot. He got back safely after trying the
Automobile Club & Thompsons to put up the
car but eventually got round by Finglas