Sunday, 5 March, 1916

Breakfast at 9.30 Mass 10.30 & then
walked out to the Convent about 1 1/2
miles. We rang & rang at the Hall
door but no answer so ventured round
to the back, arrived at the kitchen
door & came in through that.
All the nuns were at Devotions & did
not hear our ring. We had a very
pleasant day with Aunt Eileen &
saw all over the place. There are
180 small boys who’s [sic: whose] ages vary from
3 to 10, they are not allowed to keep
them after 10, they are then sent on to
Artane Carriglea & kindred schools.
The poor kiddies look very cold
there was a perishing wind & no
shelter as the place is very high up.
The Rev. Mother was most hospitable &
gave us an excellent lunch & tea.
We walked back in the evening
& spent a quiet evening in Major
Traills [sic: Traill's]
company. The civilian had