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[1916-01-01] Saturday, 1st January, 1916

Dear CharlieSince I heard you were missing as well as wounded, it has occurred to me to write the diary in the form of a letter. We hope to hear from you soon. till then cannot com— municate with you & later on when you read this it will you know what has been happening Today I went to Mass at Clarendon St & Met Uncle Charlie & Auntie. Horribly wet & windy day. Called at Wiers & bought a christening present for Aunt Rita's baby. Jack is god father but could not be present as he is staying with Bernard O'Kelly for a few days shooting & hunting Nana & Cecil, Desmond & Andrew went to the church, baby is called Noel Andrew “he was born on Xmas Day". The boys had a great afternoon with Dermot & Brendan who have wonderful 1st Lieuts uniforms sent them by Dermot Donelan. Beatrice, Leo, Richie & Adela Woolett went to Hippodrom but the entertain— ment was very poor. Had cable from Marie —No news Good luck best wishes for 1916. . . .

[1916-01-10] Monday, 10th January, 1916

Spent most of the day in town shopping with Ethel & Beatrice Aunt Lily met us at Mitchells for lunch saw Ian Murphy home on leave from France with his Mother, he has horribly fat. He is attached to the heavy Artillery Beatrice & Aunt Lily went to Pictures in Grafton Street. I got home to tea. I have not mentioned that we got your letter of Nov. 31st [Error on Mary Martin's part; there are only 30 days in November.] someday last week. We were so sorry to see that you had suffered from the intense cold. It is terrible to think of these dreadful hardships & I hope you had time to get over the bad effects. Marie tells us in her letters of the fearful sufferings of the men as she got some of them at Malta. Poor Boy we all hope this will be made up to you some day. . . .

[1916-01-11] Tuesday, 11th January, 1916

Nothing very eventful to record to—day but this is really the day of the McCann tournament which I wrote about on Friday but as I have had to go back on this diary not having it at the time I got mixed as to date. Spent most of the morning fixing up what the boys were to wear, to have it all changed at the last moment.They thought it might be evening dress & it turned out to be morning dress. Beatrice went with Adela Woolett & Nana to the Gaiety Pantomine Dick Whittington [Going to the Pantomime after Christmas was and is a Dublin tradition.] — Miss Onida Mac Dermot is the principal boy. The funny man Tom Foy is very good & keeps the audience in roars of laughter all the time, but I think Bee was more entertained by watching “Plunkett” eating apples in the Dress circle. This offends her idea of what is correct in the aristocracy . . .

[1916-01-14] Friday, 14th January, 1916

R.D.F. Fête opened at Rotund Aunt Kathleen is presiding at the “Comfort Stall” Ethel & Beatrice helping to—day I went there for a few moments & bought something which I hope to send you later on when I know where you are. Lady Holmpatrick made the opening speech. There were half hour concerts but I did not wait Ethel was introduced to Lt. Moore of your regiment. He had to leave Gallipoli as his heart went wrong & is not allowed to play golf or do anything that way so is having a dull time. . . .

[1916-01-15] Saturday, 15th January, 1916

Letter from Red Cross enclosing cable from Salonika. Major Whyte reports Lt. Martin known wounded, believe prisoner has written Mrs. Martin”. This does not give us anything new but we are looking forward to receiving his letter in hopes he may be able to clear up the mystery a little. Saw Ernest Lambkin's letter to his father in which he says that Stanley Cochrane & Major Hoey who are in his hospital in Alexandria both say they saw you with arm wounded. I see I have written this before. R.D.F. Fête continued day Violet went with Beatrice but did not stay for the evening. They heard Lt. Moore sing at one of the Concerts. also a Sgt. Glee who was a professional before joining. They hope the Fete to pay quite well. Ethel relieved Violet at Temple Hill . . .

[1916-01-17] Monday, 17th January, 1916

Not much to record today went shopping in town with Beatrice with Aunt Lily, Girlie Mooney & William Mooney at Mitchells. Beatrice went with Aunt Lily to Pictures. . . .

[1916-01-18] Tuesday, 18th January, 1916

Pantomime party from Craigmore Jack & Beatrice asked by Bee did not go as she wanted to see the Downings off at the mail boat. Lily has to go to London to consult a specialist about her knee which is troubling her. . . .

[1916-01-19] Wednesday, 19th January, 1916

Nana brought all the boys to the Queens Pantomime. I do not think it is as good as usual this year & of course the songs are the same as at the Gaiety. Violet & Beatrice went with Girlie Mooney to the Gaiety Pantomime. Great rumours that there was a German submarine taken in the Bay & was lying outside Kingstown Harbour. Certainly one could see a curious looking vessel in the bay with small vessels on each side. . . .

[1916-01-20] Thursday, 20th January, 1916

This morning Beatrice was to have started school at Kensington she was to travel with Ruth Hoey but was not going to the school proper but a sort of annex for elder girls but at the last moment I got a letter which I did not think satis- factory so her departure was postponed The cab was at the door so Ethel & I went down to let Ruth know she was not going. Aunt Lily came out to have a walk on the Pier to see the “German Submarine" which turned out to be a British or French monitor disabled & came in for repairs As we reached home Beatrice came to meet us at the gate to say there was a wire to say Aunt Lily was to report herself before noon the next day in London. So you may imagine her feelings as she has been waiting since Marie left not knowing what day she would be called & then only to get such sudden summons. She got to St. Dymphnas packed up & reached the boat the girls met her there with Mother Sills Seasick Remedy [Popular seasick tablets. It's advertising tagline was "Has not a peer - the most delicate person can take it wiht impunity and laugh at mal de mere."] . . . .

[1916-01-22] Saturday, 22nd January, 1916

Minnie Fitzgerald sent me a copy of letter she had received from General Cox saying Poor Baby Martin is wounded & missing And how at first he had only reported you wounded but 3 days your C.O. reported no trace could be found of you. Then he tells what he asked you to do and & how splendidly you accomplished it. He thinks you were wounded early in the day, that Turner took over command & altho hit in the arm took out the remainder of the Company (29 men) He says, Some think Baby tried to get back by his right & was Captured. I am very very sorry for the Boy as he was so young & had done right well He tells how his brigade had most of the fighting & that if he had not been to hold on, when driven out of his original position it would have been a complete rout. He sent a kind message to me & I was deeply gratified to see the way he spoke of you. Jack returned from Laughanstown he & Beatrice dined at Eversden. . . .

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