Technical Information


The diary of  Dorothy Stopford Price (MS 16,063) is part of the National Library of Ireland collection (Diary of Dorothy Stopford Price, Dublin, 1916 April 21 – May 4 by Price, Dorothy (Stopford), 1890-1954).

The purpose of the digital project is to allow increased access to the diaries for a general audience. This project is extrmely grateful to the Diary of Robert Graves 1935-39 project for their generosity in allowing the re-use of their eXist software which provides the search and browse functionality for the diary.  The encoding has been developed to work within their existing framework.


Each word has been transcribed as it appears on the digitised page. Spelling has not been
regularized or corrected. Punctuation and abbreviations has been captured as it appears in the

TEI Header

The header mirrors for the most part the header of the Diary of Robert Graves 1935-39 project. The
TEI P4 rules utilised by the Graves project are used as is their DTD. The header contains the
catalogue information from the NLI for the Dorothy Stopford Price diaries, the name of the encoder
and transcriber of the entries, the availability information for the digital object as detailed by the

<title>Diary of Dorothy Stopford Price, April 21 to May 6, 1916</title>
<author>Stopford Price, Dorothy, 1890-1954</author>
<publisher>National Library of Ireland</publisher>
<addrLine>Kildare Street</addrLine>
<addrLine>Dublin 2</addrLine>
<publisher>Trinity College Dublin</publisher>
<addrLine>College Green</addrLine>
<addrLine>, Dublin 2</addrLine>
<p>Reproduction rights to the images of the diary and other photographs used
here, unless otherwise stated, are owned by the National Library of Ireland. For further information on
rights and reproductions see</p>
<p>Reproduction rights to the intellectual property contained in the diaries is
owned by the family of Dorothy Stopford Price. Preliminary enquiries on
re-use can be addressed to</p>
<note>This document was created as part of a class project in Spring 2013 for the
Digital Scholarly Editing module under the direction of Professor Susan
Schreibman. This module is a component of the MPhil in Digital Humanities and
Culture at Trinity College Dublin. </note>
<note type=”acknowledgement”> We wish to acknowledge the contributions of Anne
MacLellan to this instantiation of the Dorothy Stopford Price journal along with
her generosity in sharing her knowledge of Dorothy and her milieu.</note>
<p>National Library of Ireland Manuscript No: MS 16,063.: Diary of Dorothy Stopford
Price, Dublin 1916 April 21 – May 4 by Dorothy Price (Stopford)</p>
<p>This transcription and encoding is a diplomatic version of both the
handwritten and typewritten pages of Dorothy Stopford Price’s diary. Her
original spelling, grammar and line endings have been retained, with the
exception of replacing her unique signifier for ‘and’ with the plus
character. Abbreviations have been left unexpanded. Additions and deletions
have been retained and marked in the encoded text. </p>
<persName>Dorothy Stopford Price</persName> This is a primary source text consisting
of journal entries written by Dorothy Stopford, later Price, recording her
first-hand experiences of the Easter Rising. Created contemporaneously with the
events described the entries also relate the reactions of her family and friends.
The original matter consists of loose-leaf handwritten and typewritten pages. The
typewritten pages being transcriptions of, presumably, previously handwritten

TEI Body Format

Within the body element is a <div> tag, marking sub-divisions within the text body.
<div type=”diaryentry” n=”1916-05-01″>
In the diary text, each entry has a heading with the date of that entry. The header is encoded in the
<head> element.
<head>May 1st</head>
The value “diaryentry” is used for all diary text. In the diary, each entry has been marked with: <div
type=”diaryentry” n=”year-mo-day”> type names the form of text to follow, n precedes the date
value, which is used to identify the text: <div type=”diaryentry” n=”1916-05-02″>
Further, within the <div> section the <p> tag is used for encoding paragraphs and approximating as
closely as possible the author’s original paragraphing. This is the smallest unit of text that the
Dorothy Stopford Price diaries project is encoding.
<p> Bicycled to church in the morning. <rs type=”person” key=”PER71″>Sir
Matthew</rs> was at home all <lb/>
day, working in his study &amp; we only saw him for a brief <lb/>
As each diary transcription will be displayed beside the digitised image, it is important to have
exactly similar line breaks and page breaks. To indicate this the <lb> and <pb> elements were used.

Names, Places and Events

Persons, locations and organizations mentioned in the diary are tagged with a <name> tag and a
type attribute attached to it in the form of <name type=”person”> or <name type=”location”>. An
example of the use of these referring strings is:
<rs type=”person” key=”PER71″>Sir Matthew</rs>
<rs type=”place” key=”PLA10″>Bornabreena</rs>
This usage follows as before the format of the Robert Graves diary. The names and notes about
these persons, locations and organizations are held in a separate References XML file with a
specific key code attributed to each.


The <note> element is used in the diary encoding primarily for explanatory notes of terms and
events which are not otherwise captured in the References XML file. An infrequent use of the
element is to provide a translation for foreign words and expressions where required.