Using the Diary

There are several ways that the diary can be searched and browsed.

Searching the Diary
In the main search box type the word(s) you are looking for.

Results can be sorted by:

  • Number of returned searches per page
  • Date of entries (by both ascending and descending order)

Results can be refined by date range.

Viewing Search Results
After a search word is inputted the results return the entries where that word appears in the diary.  On the screen are transcribed pages of the diary that contain the searched words.  It is possible to view the original diary page that matches the transcription by selecting the option Diary Entries.

Browsing the Diary
There is an option to Browse Diary Entries and Monthly abstracts:

  • Selecting Any Keywords will return diary entries that match any of your search terms.
  • Selecting All Keywords will return diary entries that match all your search terms.

Calendar View
For the calendar view, go to the ‘Browse Diary Entries’ section to the right hand side of the main diary page.  Click on the ‘View’ button and you will be taken to a specific diary entry that has a calendar to the right hand side.   To search the diary by a specific date, select the month, day and year from the calendar.