Come work with us! DH@TCD is recruiting for PostDoc in Feminist Science and Technology Studies

The Trinity College Centre for Digital Humanities is recruiting a 2,5-year post-doctoral
research fellow with expertise in (preferably feminist) science and technology studies
with additional expertise in Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) or Human-RobotInteraction research. The purpose of this post is to support the development of the
EU funded MOZART project through the delivery of collaborative research in the field
of FSTS with an emphasis on interdisciplinary project work in robotic automation

MOZART is a research project that will deliver an interdisciplinary approach to robotic
automation across academia, industry, and the public through the integration and use
of FSTS perspectives and methods of (1) the interdisciplinary realization of robotic
prototypes; (2) developing a framework for the qualitative evaluation and assessment
of human-robot collaboration at the workplace; (3) documenting and communicating
insights through a project research blog. Thus, the AHSS project work will also (4)
engage in defining and monitoring the project-specific sustainability goals.
Importantly, the project work will deploy tools of digital research and will pertain to
critical research of digitalization processes with a focus on robotic automation.

For more information on this position and the recruitment process, see: Final version_Postdoc in Feminist Science and Technology Studies with the project MOZART