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The TCD Centre for Digital Humanities contributes to and holds a variety of events including the Digital Scholarship and Skills Workshop Series.

TCD/Uni of Birmingham “Trust and Authority in the Digital Age” Lecture Series now open!

The "Trust and Authority in the Digital Age" lecture series, organised as part of the digital research partnership between Trinity College Dublin and the University of Birmingham, is now open for registration. The lecture series, running in the evenings, features ...
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Digital Humanities and advocacy: communicating the value and impact of DH in teaching, research, and infrastructure development.

How should a DH Association for the UK and Ireland carry out advocacy? How can we ensure that any Association that emerges has both the authority and representation to speak on behalf of DH communities of practice? What are the ...
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DH@TCD March 2021 Newsletter

With details of the next UK-Ireland Digital Humanities Network event & community survey, registration for the remaining DH@TCD workshops, links to the recent SHAPE-ID webinar on interdisciplinary infrastructure & the DARIAH-EU Annual Event CfP, there is plenty to keep you ...
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