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Learn more from our 2017 research brochure (download from the bottom of the page)

Researchers from across Trinity collaborate in applying information and communications technologies to our explore our past and understand our present. Our scholarship not only creates and interrogates digital artefacts, but studies how new media are transforming the disciplines in which they are used, from publication to teaching.

The computational tools and methods used thus cut across traditional disciplinary practice to provide powerful shared focal points ranging from the visualisation of massive and complex datasets, to the representation of our analogue heritage in digital form, to the evaluation of digital scholarship. Researchers at Trinity have taken a lead internationally in refining these methodologies and building the infrastructures to enable Digital Humanities research, by representing Ireland on the European infrastructure DARIAH, and leading or otherwise playing key roles in projects with a sum total of funding in excess of €10M.

Bringing together expertise from the various disciplines of the arts and humanities as well as from computer science, linguistics, engineering and the library, particular research strengths within TCD include digital textual scholarship and editing, virtual/augmented/ mixed reality performance, data mining and visualisation, time-series analysis and historical modelling, personalisation and localisation, digital curation, 3D worlds, and music and new media.

Digital Humanities Research at Trinity covers a wide range of topics and methodologies, leveraging productive exchange encouraged between large European collaborative initiatives and smaller, local projects led by historians, literary scholars and others. In addition, its creators span the range of career phases, from MPhil students in both our Digital Humanities and Culture and Public History courses, through to and PhD candidates and established researchers. An overview of active and completed projects (2006-2016) appears here, or you can learn more from our research brochure.


In the recent years, with the pervasiveness of computers and ...
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National Famine Way

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Trinity Digital Library

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Great Famine Voices

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Drawn to the Page

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The Down Survey

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The Social Performance, Cultural Trauma & the Reestablishing of Solid ...
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The project proposes both to create an electronic registry of ...
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PARTHENOS aims at strengthening the cohesion of research in the ...
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Europeana Cloud (eCloud)

Europeana Cloud (eCloud) is a project under the umbrella of the ...
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Life Histories Archive

The Life Histories Archive is an open-access resource for the ...
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Irish Film & Television Research Online

IRISH FILM & TV RESEARCH ONLINE is a website designed ...
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Past Projects

Many projects have successfully completed under the DH@TCD theme, each ...
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DARIAH (Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities) will facilitate ...
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CIRCLE (A Calendar of Chancery Letters) is the culmination of ...
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1641 Depositions

The 1641 DEPOSITIONS Project created a fully searchable digital edition ...
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